• Käfer (Coleoptera) im Gebiet des Furkapasses, Kantone Uri und Wallis

      Germann, C; Geiser, M; Luka, H; Sprecher, E; Schatz, I (Swiss Entomological Society, 2015-01-01)
      Beetles (Coleoptera) in the region of the Furkapass (cantons Uri and Valais). – One hundred eleven species of beetles were identified in the region of the Furkapass (2300–2700 ma.s.l.). This species richness is high compared to that of similar biotopes in the Swiss Alps. The records of Psylliodes schwarzi Weise, 1900, Mycetoporus inaris Luze, 1901 and Cratosilis distinguenda (Baudi, 1859) on the northern side of the Alps are remarkable.
    • Käfer aus Lichtfängen am Monte San Giorgio bei Serpiano, Kanton Tessin (Coleoptera)

      Herger, P; Germann, C; Uhlig, M; Vogel, J; Geiser, M; Kirejtshuk, A (Swiss Entomological Society, 2015-01-01)
      Beetles from light traps at Monte San Giorgio near Serpiano, canton of Ticino (Coleoptera). − During a biodiversity study in southern Ticino, insects were regularly collected with light traps at Monte San Giorgio near Serpiano, 630 ma.s.l., from 1995 to 1997. In total, 6638 beetles were collected, representing more than 366 species from 56 families. The present article provides an overview of the Coleoptera recorded, among them one species new to Switzerland: Malthodes vincens Gredler, 1870. Twenty-two species are new to the canton of Ticino.
    • A review of the Helophorus frater-praenanus group of species, with description of a new species and additional faunal records of Helophorus Fabricius from China and Bhutan (Coleoptera: Helophoridae)

      ANGUS, RB; Jia, F-L; Chen, Z-N (Austrian Zoological-Botanical Society and the Vienna Coleopterists Society (Wiener Coleopterologenverein, WCV), 2014)
      The six species of the East Palaearctic Helophorus frater-praenanus group (Coleoptera: Helophoridae) are reviewed and a new species, H. aquila sp.n. is described from China (Qinghai). Habitus, head and pronotum and aedeagophores are figured for all the species and a key for their identification is given. Four further species which could be confused with the H. frater-praenanus group are discussed and illustrated. These are H. croaticus KUWERT, 1886, H. pumilio ERICHSON, 1837, H. pitcheri ANGUS, 1970 and H. shatrovskyi ANGUS, 1985. Additional faunal records of Helophorus FABRICIUS species from the Tibetan Plateau and other areas of China are given. Helophorus tuberculatus GYLLENHAL, 1808 is recorded from Bhutan for the first time