• Cheilostome Bryozoen

      Martha, Silviou; Niebuhr, B; Scholz, J (2017-06-26)
      This section describes the cheilostome bryozoan fauna from the Late Cretaceous of Saxony. H.B. Geinitz and A.E. von Reuss described 33 different cheilostome species from the Upper Cenomanian and the mid-Upper Turonian of Saxony, among which 18 new species. Revisions of the Cenomanian material provided by E. Voigt showed that this material included four cyclostome species and eight species that were not derived from Saxony, but subject to a confusion of the sampling locality. Our study of the material and of material collected by E. Voigt in the 20th century yields 23 cheilostome bryozoan species for the Cretaceous of Saxony (lower Cenomanian to lower Coniacian). One new genus, Hillmeropora, and five new species, “Akatopora” wilmseni, Hillmeropora pavonina, Onychocella saxoniae, “Onychocella” barbata and Wilbertopora ostiolatoides are described. Material of six species described by Geinitz and Reuss was not found, thus their identity remaining obscure. “Eschara angustata Geinitz, 1842” is preserved as internal moulds and can therefore not be classified down to genus and species level. Furthermore, the badly preserved material of “Cellepora strehlensis”, figured by Geinitz (1846), “Eschara lineolata Reuss, 1874” and “Vincularia plauensis” sensu Reuss (1874) does not allow a proper classification.