• Shells from the shoreline - a new perspective on changing Lake Tanganyika

      Todd, JA; Michel, E; Titxcomb, M (ZenodoBologna, 2020-02-03)
      Using past records to provide context and guidance in a changing world. Overwhelming evidence shows that ecological, evolutionary and earth system processes have been profoundly altered by humans, and will continue to be altered for millennia to come. But, what was life like before human impacts and what processes brought us into the Anthropocene epoch? The rapidly growing field of Conservation Paleobiology uses fossil and historical records to provide valuable context and guidance to conservation of life on Earth. This symposium was organised by Aaron O'Dea, Daniele Scarponi, Laura Airoldi & Paolo Albano. It brought over 80 students and researchers together to provide an informal venue for lively talks and a chance to meet old and new colleagues.