• A morphological revision of Keraterpeton, the earliest horned nectridean from the Pennsylvanian of England and Ireland.

      Milner, Angela (2019-03)
      The aquatic diplocaulid nectridean Keraterpeton galvani is the commonest taxon represented in the Jarrow Coal assemblage from Kilkenny, Ireland. The Jarrow locality has yielded the earliest known Carboniferous coal-swamp fauna in the fossil record and is, therefore, of importance in understanding the history and diversity of the diplocaulid clade. The morphology of Keraterpeton is described in detail with emphasis on newly observed anatomical features. A reconstruction of the palate includes the presence of interpterygoid vacuities and new morphological details of the pterygoid, parasphenoid and basicranial region. The hyoid apparatus comprising an ossified basibranchial element has not been reported previously in nectrideans. The structure of the scapulocoracoid and primitive nature of the humerus is described and the presence of a five-digit manus confirmed. Previously unrecognised accessory dermal ossifications are present in the pectoral girdle. Keraterpeton longtoni from the Bolsovian in Staffordshire, England, is also described and newly figured. The primitive condition in diplocaulids is defined on the basis of the earliest occurrence at Jarrow and discussed in relation to functional morphology and mode of life. The evolution of the diplocaulid clade is assessed in relation to the revised diagnoses that define the primitive condition in Keraterpeton.